Email campaigns that target loyalty program members are more successful at engaging their audiences, generating higher open rates, transaction levels, and revenue per email, according to a report by Experian CheetahMail. Even email campaigns inviting prospects to join loyalty programs tend to outperform bulk promotional mailings.

Among email campaigns studied, mailings targeting loyalty program members boosted transaction rates 29% over bulk campaigns sent to the same clients (0.09% vs. 0.07%), and such programs increased revenue per email 11% ($0.18 vs. $0.17).

Loyalty mailings also lifted email open and click rates:

  • Open rates for mailings sent to loyalty program members were 40% higher than for bulk mailings to the same clients: 27.4% vs. 19.6%.
  • Click rates for such loyalty mailings were 22% higher: 4.0% vs. 3.2%.

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