After making a luxury purchase, most Americans (70.8%) "verbally tell someone" about their latest acquisition, while fully three in ten (30.3%) head to social media sites to share the news, according to a survey from Empathica.

Among luxury consumers who share information about what they buy, Facebook is the top social media destination (18.2%), followed by Twitter (5.0%), various other social sites (4.9%), and blogs (2.2%).

Canadians are less likely to use social channels to discuss their luxury purchases. Even so, 21.9% do, with Facebook topping the list (14.7%), followed by Twitter (3.6%), other social sites (3.2%), and blogs (0.4%).

Overall, however, when buying luxury goods, Canadians are less likely than Americans to prefer online shopping (19.6% vs. 48.1%):

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