Apple is expected to unveil the next-generation of the iPad on March 7, 2012 and nearly one-third (29%) of mobile Web users say they plan to buy the new device, according to a survey from InMobi.

Among those 29%, more than one-half (54%) are first-time tablet buyers.

Below, additional findings from InMobi's Mobile Media Consumption Report, based on a survey of 689 mobile Web users, who are representative of all major platforms in the US market including Android and iOS, conducted in February 2012.

Among mobile Web users who intend to buy an "iPad 3": 

  • 44% say they would not consider another brand other than the iPad, but 29% would consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab, 14% would consider the Amazon Kindle, and 8% would consider the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet.
  • 65% would consider buying an iPad or iPad 2 at a reduced price instead of the iPad 3.
  • 50% say they are willing to pay over $500 for the device.
  • If the new iPad is priced higher than $599, 57% say they will buy an older model instead.
  • 51% say they are buying the iPad 3 for entertainment purposes rather than business or education.
Most Anticipated iPad Features

Among those intending to buy an iPad 3, the most anticipated features are faster processor speed (57%), better battery life (47%), a higher-quality screen (46%), and 4G connectivity (43%).

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