Content consumption is no longer a choice, it's innate. If you own a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, chances are you're absorbing content the majority of the time that you're awake. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, mobile apps, and many other tools and mediums continue to provide us with news. It's endless and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

PAN Communications recently conducted a brief survey, reaching out to a group of qualified marketers and asking them to answer a few questions about content in 2012.

How Marketers Are Consuming Content

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image of Mark C. Nardone

Mark C. Nardone is executive vice-president at PAN Communications, an integrated marketing and PR agency for B2B technology and healthcare brands. He oversees the firm's strategic focus across brand marketing and business development efforts.

LinkedIn: Mark Nardone

Twitter: @MarkCNardone