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Projects on Kickstarter that have videos are 85% more likely to achieve their funding goals, according to a recent report by MWP.

Overall, 48% of the projects examined on the crowdfunding site that were accompanied by videos achieved their goals, compared with 26% of projects that did not have videos.

The report was based on an analysis of 7,196 projects on Kickstarter; 3,166 successfully received funding and 4,030 failed to get funding (this matches Kickstarter's overall 56/44 ratio of funded projects to unfunded projects).

Below, additional key findings from the study.

Which Categories Benefit Most?

  • Across all categories, having a video as part of a Kickstarter project greatly increased the chance of success. However, videos were especially beneficial for particular verticals.
  • In the food, product design, photography, and children's books categories, having an accompanying video increased a project's chance of achieving funding more than 200%.

Where Are Successful Kickstarter Projects Based?

  • Because Kickstarter is US-based, it's not surprising that the majority of projects are from the US. The locations with most successful projects are California (19% of total projects) and New York (13.6%).
  • Aside from the US, the UK is by far the most active country on Kickstarter, with 2.6% of successful projects; all other nations account for less than 1%.

For more from the report, check out the following infographic:

About the research: The report was based on an analysis of 7,196 projects on Kickstarter; 3,166 successfully received funding, and 4,030 failed to get funding.

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