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One in seven shoppers (14.3%) have already started buying presents for the holidays, and another 11.8% plan to start before Thanksgiving, according to a recent report by Burst Media.

However, not everyone is an early bird. Over a quarter (29%) of those surveyed don't plan to start shopping until after turkey day, and another 11.7%—including 17.3% of all men—admit they will probably wait until the last minute.

Below, additional key findings from the report, which was based on a data from a survey of 993 US online adults age 18 or older.

Spending Plans

  • 18.7% of shoppers surveyed say they will either spend much more or somewhat more on holiday gifts this year compared with last year.
  • 46.9% plan to spend about the same, and 22.6% plan to spend less this year.

Digital: Relaxing and Convenient

  • 91.7% of holiday shoppers plan to go online to research gifts and/or make purchases.
  • 25.1% say their favorite aspect of shopping online (or with apps) is that it's relaxed; they avoid the stress of store crowds, finding parking, and more.
  • Customers also like the convenience and efficiency of online shopping.

Make Way for Mobile

  • 45.7% of respondents plan to use smartphones (up 51% year over year) and 41.3% plan to use tablets (up 190%) to go online and research/shop for holiday products and gifts.
  • Moms are more likely to use a desktop (45.1%) versus a laptop (29.1%) for holiday shopping; women who do not have children are more likely (53.4%) to use a laptop than moms.
  • Dads are heavy tech users for holiday shopping: 60.2% use laptops, 53.9% use desktops, 56.6% use smartphones, and 54.8% use tablets.

Mobile Device Use in Stores

  • 40.3% of respondents who use either a smartphone or tablet to shop use their devices inside physical retail locations.
  • 55.9% use their devices inside retailers to research and compare prices.
  • 43.7% use their devices inside stores to research and compare product reviews.

For more findings from the report, check out the following infographic:

About the research: The report was based on data from a survey conducted in October 2013 of 993 US online adults age 18 or older.

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