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New keyword research from WordStream (my company) suggests that buffalo chicken dip—apparently a dip made to taste like buffalo chicken wings—owes virtually its entire existence to Super Bowl Sunday and the NFL season.

We conducted extensive research into the seasonality and trends of keyword searches on Google corresponding to chicken wings and hundreds of other popular Super Bowl snacks, including the following: guacamole, chili, nachos, pulled pork, pigs in a blanket, doritos, and seven layer dip.

The study found a near perfect correlation between the demand for chicken wings and buffalo chicken dip with the NFL season.

For the last nine consecutive years, search volume for buffalo chicken dip increased significantly in September (which corresponds to the start of the NFL season), then peaked in December (corresponding to end of the regular season), and peaked again in February, corresponding to the Super Bowl:

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Larry Kim is the founder/CTO of WordStream Inc., provider of the AdWords Grader and 20 Minute PPC Work Week.

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