Get the skinny on the selfie seen around the world, Apple's social media debut, ad platform updates, and Facebook's potential new toys (drones? Again?!). It's all a hop, skip and a skim away.

Just be your selfie. Ellen literally broke Twitter on Oscars night with a selfie packed with the creme of the star-studded creme. The tweet yielded over 3 million retweets—the first-ever to top 1 million for a single tweet, boosting her (already high) Klout score from 92.8 to 95.1. Klout explains the boost three ways: People who engaged with the tweet also got a boost, 22% of "lurkers" (people who haven't tweeted in the last 7 days) also retweeted, and the tweet yielded earned media articles that were shared 2.5 more often than any other article that day. (Not to mention it was seen 32.8 million times!)

But Ellen wasn't the only winner; Samsung also scored, because Ellen used its Galaxy Note 3. The Oscars sponsor worked with Ellen to incorporate "native advertising" moments into the show. Check out this video of her planning the biggest retweet in the world; it's nuts! Just one wincey tidbit: She went on selfie-ing (and tweeting) backstage via her iPhone. Note to sponsors: ensure your poster children and event hosts are personally committed to your brand before you go live. People always notice when they switcharoo.

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Angela Natividad is a social media strategist, copywriter, and journalist based in Paris. A Bay Area native and lover of vending machine candies, she co-founded and is a frequent guest on marketing podcast The Beancast. You can follow her on Twitter at @luckthelady.