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Whether you need to breathe new life into your SMS marketing or provide more variety, the following infographic by Text Marketer can help. It offers 11 ideas for marketing your brand via SMS.

Ideas include competitions, instant updates, point of sale discounts, presale discounts, product launches, reminders, ratings, and more.

For example, companies can use instant updates to let customers know about vital details regarding products or services, or about needing to complete an action.

As for point of sale discounts, "encourage customers to make a purchase in store and join your mailing list through mobile-only discount offers," suggests Text Marketer.

Want to tell your customers about the newest product—even before an ad airs? Use SMS marketing. Kraft Foods used SMS in collaboration with banner ads and emails for its Jacobs 3in1 and Jacobs 2in1 instant coffee to encourage customers to request samples and information. The result: "400,000+ samples were requested, and 80,0000 users opted in for future messaging," according to Text Marketer.

To find out more about how you can use SMS to boost your brand marketing, check out the infographic:

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