See how the 'Net and brands celebrated Robin Williams's colorful life. Find out how many marketers have dived into Promoted Tweets, what online challenge is going viral, and how YouTube and LinkedIn plan to cozy up (even more!) to businesses. Skim for your weekly fix.

Saying goodbye to Robin Williams. The actor, 63, died in his home, and our feeds are replete with tributes to him. The Academy's tweet generated the most traction, with the simple phrase "Genie, you're free" and a picture of Aladdin giving a goodbye hug to the genie—the character voiced and largely improvised by Robin Williams—after freeing him by using his last wish. Apple memorialized him with a rare change to its homepage, Conan remembered him in high spirits on his show, and the Broadway cast of "Aladdin" performed a tribute. Other tweets from famous brands and faces, including Disney and President Obama, appear here.

How not to ride the sad train. PR group Edelman was criticized for using Williams's suicide as an opportunity to teach PR to organizations that could have profited from the "depression" aspect of his death. It's since apologized. ABC News also got flak for promoting aerial shots of Williams's home at the same time as announcing his death and mentioning his family's request for privacy. Pro tip: Avoid sensationalizing or building on grief; it never ends well. Here's one last Robin Williams tribute, a GIF from artist Dan Meth, just because we can:

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