See how stars and fans alike mourned the passing of Leonard Nimoy. You'll also see Instagram's new ad formats, how House of Cards viewers tweet, and what drives customers to make social recommendations. Skim to stay in the know.

He lived long and prospered. Last Friday afternoon, Leonard Nimoy, better known to us as the original Spock, passed away at age 83. Over the weekend and throughout the week, social networks brimmed with tributes to the actor, whom NPR credits as one of the first major television figures to struggle with a mixed-race (half-human, half-Vulcan) identity. To honor him, the Canada Design Resource encouraged people to transform former Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier into Spock on five-dollar bills (shown below), co-stars like George Takei shared their grief, astronauts gave the Vulcan salute him from space, and William Shatner held a "social media shiva," where he answered questions on Twitter about their friendship both on- and off-screen.

Nimoy developed the Vulcan greeting "live long and prosper" himself, and continued to use it throughout his life. Below is the last tweet he wrote before passing.

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