Thanks, Obama...

Dear Mr. President,

Is it too much to ask that I get a bit more advance notice when you're planning something—like "A Week of Making"—that syncs so well with our theme for this year's B2B Marketing Forum? "Make Marketing Magic" and "A Week of Making." See the similarities?

I know your week kicks off today (June 12) and lasts through June 18. And I understand that it coincides with the National Maker Faire. But would it have killed you to pick up the phone (or to text-message, because—let's be honest—I'm not really a phone person) to share these important details in, say, February, when I'm in Q2 planning mode?

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image of Jo Roberts

Jo Roberts heads up MarketingProfs' web strategy and free product portfolio (among other things). She previously lead marketing for B2B Marketing Forum and Marketing Services product lines.


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