This week we'll introduce you to Snapchat's 3V ad model, where to buy 360° VR-friendly images, a better way to track social ROI via Google, and a Twitter offering that highlights products and places (and how to buy or book them). Skim to stay connected.

The future of mobile video is vertical. Snapchat's going hard on video: Its 100 million active users now consume over 2 billion daily. So it's launched a new ad format called 3V, which stands for Vertical Video Views.

The format will appear as vertical videos (an especially mobile-friendly format that Snapchat's coined) that appear in full screen to ensure 100% viewability. Because CEO Evan Spiegel knows pre-rolls are "annoying," 3V ads will appear among premium content in its Discover platform as well as within Snapchat's curated content.

And to ensure brands get creative help in building native content (not necessarily limited to Snapchat), it's partnered with the Daily Mail and WPP to launch a digital content agency called Truffle Pig.

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Angela Natividad is a social media strategist, copywriter, and journalist based in Paris. A Bay Area native and lover of vending machine candies, she co-founded and is a frequent guest on marketing podcast The Beancast. You can follow her on Twitter at @luckthelady.