Find out how quickly mobile online shopping is growing, and discover the five mistakes B2B companies make on Facebook. Also: Facebook improves Custom Audiences and now lets users chat with businesses via messenger on their own websites, LinkedIn's app gets a major facelift, and Amazon unveils something on our wishlist—its latest drone. Skim to stay slick!

Mobile makes huge strides in online shopping; smartphones overtake tablets

If you've been pushing off optimizing your content for mobile, it's time to reevaluate. Mobile devices—mostly smartphones—accounted for 34% of the $4.5 billion] of online sales during the first two days of the holiday shopping season. We've skimmed the key takeaways below so you don't have to crunch the numbers:

  • Mobile experience gap shrinking: Mobile generated 60% of Thanksgiving Day (+14.8% from 2014) and 54% of Black Friday online traffic (+16.6%). The "smartphones browse, desktops convert" concept still holds, but the gap in conversions shrank this year as consumers quickly warm up to mobile.
  • iPhone leads the way in conversion: The Android competitor accounted for 67% of smartphone-completed purchases on Black Friday. Reminder: Know which devices your customers use.
  • Tablets still outperform: Although fading in popularity as shopping devices, tablets' bigger screens and better experience helped them achiever larger average order amounts than desktops, laptops or smartphones.

1. Five mistakes B2B companies make on Facebook, and how to fix them

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