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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Uncommon Business Name

Posted by mssandylee82 on 25 Points
I need a catchy business name for a pet grooming shop!! Since there are so many shops out in Southern California, I would like to hear some names that are a little different, and unique.

  • Posted by MONMARK GROUP on Accepted
    Let me ask this question...
    What is it you are trying to achieve?

    What if...for the sake of named your company ManeLine (mane of a lion)? Would that be unique...really?

    If the purpose of the name is to educate your client base that you perform a specific service...any name you select should be followed by: "Pet Care and Grooming" or, something like that. Would you agree to that premise?

    Since there are so many shops...and, if they are doing their job properly, they are naming their company regionally, to attract local business (West Side Grooming).

    Where is your business? Would it hurt to not be so catchy and unique?

    If you are on Jones Street or in an area called Memorial area...why not be Jones Street Pet Care and Grooming? or Memorial Pet Care and Grooming?

    Just a couple of thoughts for you. Best of Luck.

  • Posted by mbarber on Accepted
    3rd base pet grooming

    Catchers Mit pet grooming

    Bases Loaded Pet grooming

    'Catchy' and unique :-)
  • Posted by rjohnni on Accepted
    Pet Bodyshop : Groom and care

    TLC : petcare & grooming

  • Posted by ASVP/ChrisB on Accepted
    Paw Relations

    Paws for Effect

    Hot Doggity

    Fur Spa Chutzpah

    Wash & Wag

  • Posted by Frank Hurtte on Accepted
    Doggie Style... The double meaning will catch the eye
  • Posted by tdbill on Accepted
    The Pampered Pet - grooming and pet care

    The Clipper Station

    Fido's - grooming center

    Fido and Muffy's - pet grooming center

    Best Friend Botique - The finest grooming for your cherished pet

  • Posted by peanutpeanut on Accepted
    zowie, bowie
    where grooming really matters

  • Posted by MONMARK GROUP on Member
    Doggie Style? Frank....please....

    I object to this type of post, Frank.

  • Posted by angelaweiser on Accepted
    How about "Pampered Paws"
  • Posted by bigstarnow on Accepted
    Salon du Fifi

    Cause for Paws

    Petty Cache


    Wuff & Buff
  • Posted by ASVP/ChrisB on Member
    This is all getting silly...

    There's a popular car customisation TV show called "Pimp my Ride".

    Soooo... How'bout

    "Pimp my Pet"???

    OK, I'll go now...
  • Posted by Marketing-Riot on Accepted
    Perty's Pet Salon

    Pompous Pets


    Salon Magic for Pets

    Pet Salon Magic

    Pretty Pets

    Pet Palace
    A Salon for Pets

    Bodacious Pets
    A Full-Service Pet Salon

    Marketing Riot

  • Posted by Debbie on Accepted

    How about Peticured....the ultimate doggie salon...

    Spot's Spot

    Haute Dogs

  • Posted by harzkek on Accepted

    There have been many good and some very strange suggestions so far.

    Here are a few more, I'll let you decide whether the fall under "good" or "strange." :)

    Pretty Pets
    Pet Vanity
    Animal Magnetism

    Good luck!
  • Posted by Phoenix ONE on Accepted
    Capture a Brand like Bloomingdales
    Except name your shop:

    "Styling from head to tail with a paw friendly staff"
  • Posted by carrie77 on Moderator
    Hi Everyone,

    I am closing this question since it's more than 2 weeks old. We do this to reward the contributions of participants in a timely manner + to give increased visibility to the newer questions.

    Thanks for participating!

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