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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need Help With A "green" Tagline\slogan

Posted by chuck.floyd on 250 Points
We offer a full line of biobased hand soaps and sanitizers registered in the new Federal BioPreferred Program for preferred procurement by government agencies and want to expand our sales to other sectors. The biobased hand hygiene products effectively remove most soils, greases, odors and harmful germs that can cause a cold, the flu or infectious diarrhea. They are made from natural corn and soy ingredients.

  • Posted by biren on Member

    All the best

  • Posted by chuck.floyd on Author
    Thanks for your feedback!

    "GOGREEN" is the marketing theme used by the U.S. GSA already.

    "GREENCLEAN" does not specifically fit our niche because it could easily be associated with "cleaning products used in buildings and households". Hand hygiene (cleaning hands with soaps and water and waterless with ethanol-based sanitizers) is the single most important means of preventing infection. So, our focus is helping people stay healthy.
  • Posted by philip1957 on Member
    Mr CLEAN
  • Posted by chuck.floyd on Author
  • Posted by peanutpeanut on Member
  • Posted by chuck.floyd on Author
    Hi Karen,

    Your feedback is great!

    First, the products already have names -- our company is an authorized distributor.

    Earth Day All Year Long: With the increasing emphasis on combating Global warming, our research indicates that many diverse companies and people from all lifestyles/backgrounds are making decisions to "go green" for eco-friendly operations and living to help our environment.

    So, our primary market focus is diverse corporate, institutional, environmental organization and faith-based buyers and other small businesses like ours that are looking for premium green\bio-based hand soaps and sanitizers. We will also break caselots for personal use.

    When some hears our tagline, we want them to "immediately link keeping their hands clean by easily removing most soils, greases, grit, grime, odors and harmful germs to stay healthy WITH protecting the Earth's health too because the hand soaps and sanitizers are made with environmentally sustainable, biobased ingredients that are renewable.

    I'm excited about the taglines you've offered and we'll be circulating them to get feedback from current customers. If the additional info inspires any other ideas, just let me know.

    All the best,
  • Posted by chuck.floyd on Author
    Thanks PeanutPeanut!

  • Posted by chuck.floyd on Author

    Again great eco-branding ideas -- we'll circulate them to get feedback. I'll be back to you soon.

  • Posted by chuck.floyd on Author
    Hi Karen,

    Great work! Thanks!

  • Posted by rc on Member
    I am looking for a slogan for a vast selection of cleaning products, soaps, packaging, and cleaning machines that are all green. Any ideas would help greatly!



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