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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Internet Cafe Names

Posted by sofronio_alombro on 25 Points
what can you suggest for an internet cafe name since I'm planning to put up an internet cafe in our hometown near a school

  • Posted by mplager on Accepted
    Virtual Playground
    Virtual School
  • Posted by Aziz on Accepted
    Virtual World
    Gateway - 'Your passage to virtual world'
    Cafe 'Link' - Your link to outside world
    Revolution - A cyber cafe
    Plug In - 'Come plug & play'
    Log In
    Virtual Planet
    Cyber World

    I hope that help

    Good Luck

  • Posted by easyE on Accepted
    javaNet Café
    Surf the Net Café
    .net Café (use a big dot in your logo) Café (incorporate the letter 'O' into a steaming cup of coffee for your logo)
    Café On-line
    (use the street name or the name of your city town village in front of the name)
    Main Street Cybercafé
    Café ala Net
    ala Café.net

    Play around - Use whatever fits for your geographic area!
    Hope this helps!

    ::: Watch out Starbucks :::
    Good LucK!
  • Posted by jpoyer on Accepted
    Try --

    Wi-Fi Cafe (
    Cafe Wi-Fi (

    but if you like those URLs - get them quick; they are open now.

    Hope this helps,

    XPRT Creative
  • Posted by peanutpeanut on Accepted
    java connect
  • Posted by carrie77 on Moderator
    Hi Everyone,

    I am closing this question since it's more than 2 weeks old. We do this to reward the contributions of participants in a timely manner + to give increased visibility to the newer questions.

    Thanks for participating!
    Carrie (Production Editor)

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