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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Tagline For A Knitting Business

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I would really appreciate any help and suggessions.

I handknit hip hats and neckwear in traditional Russian knitting techniques. Names of my lines have Russian names (www.marinashatemporium.com). The name of the business is Marina's Hat Emporium. Since the name not really great and it is done deal, I need at least a catchy tagline. I would love to see Knitting and Russian themes in it. Please check out my site, it'll help you to have a better idea.

Thank you again!

  • Posted by Jo Masterson on Accepted
    Some ideas,

    Marina's Hat Emporium - Beautiful Knitwear with a Russian Flair
    Marina's Hat Emporium – An eclectic mix of beautiful knitting techniques
    Marina's Hat Emporium – Unique and Beautiful Russian Knitwear
    Marina's Hat Emporium - From Russia with love

    Good Luck,
  • Posted by HowToWriteBetter.net on Member
    I like JoMasterson's ideas and only have these to add...

    Marina's Hat Emporium – knitwear a la Russe

    Marina's Hat Emporium – handknit Russian fashion

  • Posted by HowToWriteBetter.net on Member
    Just thought of a slightly different angle.....

    Marina's Hat Emporium - handknitted in style, Russian- fashion

    Marina's Hat Emporium - inspired handknitting, Russian-fashion

    I love those hats, by the way!

  • Posted by maryannhertel on Member
    I knit chic hats, mittens and scarves and need a clever tagline for the boutique where I sell my knitting. The name of my business is "Made by Marney". Marney is my nickname.

    Any suggestions?

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