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“But Wait, There’s More”: A Users Guide to the Basics of Direct Response TV (and Radio)

Michael Medico
Roy Young
Thu., Jul. 21, 2005, 12pm ET (9am PT)
90 minutes
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A major music company uses TV to sell 150,000 CD’s and found out the promotion drove another 2,000,000 sales at retail. A financial service company needs to kick start their campaign to generate qualified leads for their home mortgage division and received 5 times the number of calls they expected. A major California health care provider was looking to inform senior citizens about their Medicare supplemental policy and wound up sending out over 40,000 videos.

What do these companies plus brands like Rogaine, Ginsu, ProActiv, Ronco and many others have in common? DRTV (and Radio)!

Today’s companies are demanding 2 things of themselves and their marketing partners. The first is “Get me new customers!” and second “Make my media measurable and accountable!” and that’s where DRTV comes in.

In this online seminar, you’ll learn why more and more companies have turned to DRTV to grow and grow FAST! We'll cover local or national, broadcast or cable, radio or television media. The basic fact is DRTV is designed to tell you how hard your media dollars are working and how much more you can buy.


Michael Medico , a 35-year veteran of the direct response industry, has held senior positions at various agencies working on traditional direct response accounts such as “Candlelite Music,” “Famous Artist School,” “Veterans Life,” “Longines Symphonette” and “Columbia Record Club,” among others. He has been instrumental in developing branded direct response campaigns for non-traditional DR advertisers as well, including Sony, Pepsi USA, Countrywide Home Loans and Mobil Oil.

In 1981, he founded E&M Advertising and now has 40 employees that operate out of 4 offices in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. E&M specializes in branded direct response marketing for clients such as “Telebrands”, “Universal Technical Institute”, “S.B.L.I”, “Globe Insurance”, “Applica/Black and Decker”, “Petro Oil” “BMG Music”, “Warner Strategic Marketing”, “Premera Blue Cross of Washington”, “Novartis,” “Biovail/Nutravail” among many others.

Since its inception, E&M Advertising has grown into a vertically integrated direct marketing company that offers strategic services including Per-Inquiry (E&M Media Group), Long Form Media (E&M Advertising West/Camelot Media), Online (Next Reflex) and Fulfillment (Coast-to-Coast Fulfimment).

Mike is an acknowledged expert in the direct response process including strategic planning, financial modeling, creative, media and telemarketing. He has written numerous articles that have been published in various industry journals and has been a featured speaker on many panels and workshops.

Who Should Attend?

Marketing professionals at all levels in all industries responsible for communications programs.

What Will You Learn?

  • If your product or promotion is right for DRTV…Imagine being able to sell a $1,200 exerciser to tens of thousands of people with a half-hour program
  • What are the opportunities and constraints of will they impact my promotion? WOW! I have 2 minutes to sell my product, not 30 seconds, so I want to get on “American Idol.”
  • How national media can actually cost less than local media…A pet product company increase exposure and sales to reach the highest sales level in history.
  • Are there any downsides of using DRTV…Sure you’re telling me how much I can make but how much should I be prepared to lose?
  • What are the guidelines for creative…is there a formula? Find out what each successful DRTV commercial have in common.

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