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Community Matters

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When you joined MarketingProfs did you ever consider yourself to be part of a community of over 320,000 marketers? Well, you are! I know it's a huge number of nameless, faceless people to think about, but as you know, with more people embracing social media tools and how we all seem to know another marketer by six degrees of separation, that's changing on a daily basis.

How is a marketing community different from a marketing network you might be wondering? Well, typical (dare I say, traditional?) networking is usually done by attending offline association meetings, conferences, events, etc., collecting business cards, adding those cards to your contact list in the tool of your choice and then following up every once in a while–usually when you need something. And yes, that was meant to be basic because we all know great networking involves so much more than that.
An online community is somewhat similar (again, we're all 'networked' in multiple places), yet, it's vastly different. Communities develop naturally over a common bond or interest. Community members feel a sense of ownership. Conversation within communities is on-going, if not daily. Communities allow for all members to have a voice, share information, provide insights, etc. Communities that gather online often gather offline too. And great friendships often develop in communities. You get the picture. As a reader of the Daily Fix, you probably already consider yourself part of the MarketingProfs community.
I've recently joined on as the MarketingProfs Community Manager and part of my job is to get to know our members and fans. I am here to listen to you, and help everyone to connect better and easier as a community, whether that's with each other or with MarketingProfs.
There are a lot of places for us to connect:

Getting back to that listening part of my job– Don't be shy! I am all ears, so lay it on me. And, I am nosey–

  • How can we be an even stronger community of marketers?

  • Is being part of a community important to you?

  • If you only hang out here on the Daily Fix, is there other information would you like to see?

  • Are you finding all the content you need to do your job better?

  • Are there specific areas you'd like to learn more about?

  • What about more traditional marketing tools like e-mail marketing and search marketing are they important? Anything else?

  • What would you change?

  • Where do you like to network?

I am looking forward to getting to know everyone, be sure to tap me on the shoulder and introduce yourself– virtually or in person!

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Beth Harte is a marketer, blogger, speaker, communicator, thinker, connector (people & dots), adjunct marketing & PR professor and Director of Marketing at Advent Global Solutions.

Beth has over 15 years of experience in integrated marketing communications, strategic planning, branding, SEO/SEM and five years of experience with social media. Beth speaks on a range of topics including: integrated marketing and communications, public relations, brand monitoring and management, social media measurement & ROI.

Beth's blog, The Harte of Marketing is featured in AdAge's Power 150, a globally recognized ranking of top media and marketing blogs and the MarketingProfs' Daily Fix blog.

You can find Beth here too: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Beth also digs smart people, brilliance, history, the arts, culture, books (historical fiction & business), politics, travel, beer, and cowgirl boots.

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  • by Daniel Sevitt Thu Jun 25, 2009 via blog

    Thanks for that, Beth. Looking forward to getting to know you too. Daniel @EyeView_Inc

  • by Paul Chaney Thu Jun 25, 2009 via blog

    Since I was number 127 to say congrats on your new role on your own blog :-), I'm happy I can be in the single digits and do so here. For those who don't know Beth, get to know her. She's the real deal.

  • by Susan Thu Jun 25, 2009 via blog

    Beth, Again, congratulations!!! And I echo what Paul Chaney says, "For those who don't know Beth, get to know her. She's the real deal."

  • by Beth Harte Thu Jun 25, 2009 via blog

    @DanielSevitt, looking forward to it! @PaulChaney, @Susan, thank you!! That means a lot coming from two of my favorite people. ;-) -Beth

  • by Pat Strader Thu Jun 25, 2009 via blog

    It is always good to connect online or offline...and great to be part of a community that listens.

  • by Michael Fri Jun 26, 2009 via blog

    Hey, have you seen this news article? New details about Michael Jackson's Death Emerge I was wondering if you were going to blog about this...

  • by Beth Harte Fri Jun 26, 2009 via blog

    @PatStrader, you know me...all ears. ;-) Glad we had the chance to connect offline at BlogPotomac! @Michael, um...not really a Michael Jackson aficionado. It's sad news to lose an American icon.

  • by David Reich Fri Jun 26, 2009 via blog

    Welcome, Beth. Bert of luck. You're part of a great team.

  • by Beth Harte Fri Jun 26, 2009 via blog

    @DavidReich, thank you! Yep, I dig the team here too. ;-)

  • by Katrina Hollmann Fri Jun 26, 2009 via blog

    Congrats on your new gig, Beth!

  • by Elaine Fogel Mon Jun 29, 2009 via blog

    Beth, from someone who has been on board for a while now, welcome to the MP family! I do have a couple of suggestions for ya. 1. I'd love to subscribe to blog posts of my choosing, so I can receive notification of follow-up comments. (If that exists now, then I'd like to know how that works.) 2. When I open a link in a post, it would be great if it opened in a new window or pop-up so I don't lose my place on MP. Isn't it possible that there are more than 320,000 blog readers? Does that represent those who subscribe to the publication, or the average number of blog page views? I'm curious. Thanks and good luck!

  • by Seh Fri Jul 3, 2009 via blog

    My style of marketing revolves a lot around video. I contemplate how to create more of a community type of feel on my site. I get targeted traffic by posting video Free to so there's no problem there. To add the community feel I think I am just going to turn my site into a blog and allow comments like this site.

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