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Four Marketing Lessons From Dear Old Mom

by Guest Blogger  |  
May 10, 2012

A guest blog post by Jason Ferrara of Ifbyphone.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so I started making a mental list of all the little (and not-so-little) lessons my mom taught me over the years. In teaching me how to cook and clean, and offering parenting advice, my mom has been a constant source of wisdom and guidance.

Mom also taught me how to be a better marketer (this most likely surprises her). I realized that Mom taught me four key behaviors that I use everyday in my marketing role.

Always Call If You’re Going to Be Late

My mom is a stickler about calling if you’re going to be late. Her insistence on a courtesy call speaks to the importance of effective communication in marketing. The more you invest in communicating with customers and prospects, the happier they will be---and the more likely they are to stay connected to you and your company.

Learn to Appreciate Others

My mom taught me how to cook and do laundry at an early age. She wanted the help, but she also wanted me to appreciate the work she did around the house. The lesson for marketers is that, although strategy is important, sometimes you need to get your hands dirty and dig into tactics, so you can appreciate the roles other people play in your marketing agenda.

Be Prepared by Planning Ahead

When I was growing up, my mom kept a file of my clothing sizes and measurements. She always wanted to be prepared to buy clothes that fit me properly. In marketing, data plays an equally important role. It give you the information you need to make solid decisions at a moment’s notice.

Life Is More Fun with a Diverse Group Friends

My mom has taught me that life is simply more fun and more interesting when you share it with a diverse group of friends. In marketing, diverse groups of coworkers bring fresh perspectives to the table and underscore the need to avoid homogeneous hiring routines.

Marketing isn’t easy. But a few common sense tips from my mom (or from your own mother) just may be what you need to maintain meaningful connections with your company’s most important audiences.

Jason Ferrara is responsible for all facets of Ifbyphone’s marketing efforts, including overall marketing strategy, new market segments, and managing communications with the company’s existing customer base.

(Photo courtesy of Bigstock: Mom and Daughter Having Fun)

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  • by Jennifer Bullock Thu May 10, 2012 via blog

    Good ole Mom.....Notice I didn't say "old." Sorry, Jason....she simply wouldn't agree with that one!

  • by Amber King Thu May 10, 2012 via blog

    Be Prepared by Planning Ahead. This is the best advice. Before meeting a prospect, or a presentation or calling, one should be prepared. Understand what your goal is and know your product and services.

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