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How Did a Fishmonger's Content Go Viral? [Video]

by Abbas Rajani  |  
June 26, 2013

If content is king, then who is the queen of the digital marketing world? I think that the right marketing strategy should be queen!

Behind each proper and well-written content, there’s always an effective and well-executed content marketing strategy that leads to thousands of shares, likes, and engagements in the form of comments.

And content doesn't need to always be written. It can also be a video, a presentation, an infographic, or even just a quote---but it should be a well-thought-out piece of work that turn heads!

How Does Content “Fishmonger” Go Viral?

Who’s not heard about the “One Pound Fish” song? Shahid Nazir is the man who realized the actual worth of content and designed an effective content strategy to sell more fish.

Shahid Nazir was a regular man living in the ethnic city of Lahore, Pakistan. Fate took him to the UK, and he got a job as a fish monger at the Queen's Market Upton Park. The idea behind the “One Pound Fish” song struck him when his boss asked him to shout loud so as to grab attention and increase sales. “One Pound Fish” was a slogan that soon turned into a famous song.

His slogan worked like magic. The way he sang it attracted people. A massive increase in sales was recorded. The reason behind the success was no special ingredient in fish---but the song “One Pound Fish” that did wonders.

Soon, “One Pound Fish” became an Internet sensation. Many customers uploaded his video performing “One Pound Fish,” which was then, still part of his job. His video hit the music charts and gained enormous success. The song is now being considered as a market sales pitch for new practitioners to get an idea from.

Shahid Nazir is now a renowned pop artist who recently has signed several music album contracts prominently one with Warner Bros. His video “One Pound Fish” has gained around 3.6 million views and got 28th position in UK Top Music charts in 2012.

Well-written content with the right content strategy turned Nazir from a fish monger to a millionaire. The right content marketing strategy is always the key to success. Good content doesn't always lead you to the top; how you present the content to your audience can make all the difference.

Did I leave you thinking? Post your comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Abbas Rajani is a SEO strategist and online marketing consultant at Genetech Solutions, a leading Web-development firm offering iPhone application development and other IT-related solutions. Follow Abbas Rajani at @Abbas_Rajani.

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Abbas Rajani is a SEO strategist and online marketing consultant at Genetech Solutions, a leading Web-development firm offering iPhone application development and other IT-related solutions.

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  • by Lini Thu Jun 27, 2013 via blog

    I really like his way of marketing, he planned out a strong social media strategy to boost his content (video). The article is well executed, engaging and also the infographic is superb.

    Thanks for sharing Abbas :-)

  • by Abbas Rajani Fri Jun 28, 2013 via blog

    Thanks Lini ...

  • by Ria Parish Fri Dec 6, 2013 via blog

    Did he not also appear on X Factor? I think that's when it really took off. When during his audition, a lot of the audience already knew the song and sang along, leaving the rest of the viewers watching it live and watching it from home stunned.

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