Anyone who has kept a log of the traffic from Google keyword searches in recent years is very aware of a downward trend. If you rely on website traffic from Google search, you should be concerned.

Myriad websites have experienced that downward trend over the last few years, and high-profile websites with such problems continue to make news. The most recent was the travel site Expedia, which was hit by a big drop in Google search traffic. In Expedia's case, the drop seems due to the company arranging paid text links, but a variety of techniques are being hit by the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates.

Reasons for Less Traffic

There are concrete reasons why your website traffic from Google has declined—and why traffic will only get worse.

Years ago, many websites would enjoy a majority share of their traffic coming from Google keyword searches. Provided some relatively simple SEO techniques were used, having your Web pages appear high in the rankings on a Google keyword search page was possible.

High rankings in Google search results pages gave great visibility to company websites and, if they were developed in an engaging way, then customers might have made purchases as a result.

That situation has changed dramatically for various reasons. Underlying them all is the changed nature of the Google organization. It is now a public corporation with shareholders and relies mostly on advertising to generate its revenues and profit. No longer is Google an organization solely with a mission to display the total global information and a mantra stating "don't be evil."

The bottom line is now a key determinant of behavior.

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