Events are great opportunities to bring people together to share knowledge, learn from experts, and generate high-quality business leads.

Marketers know that, so we spend a ton of time and money on events. According to Forrester, event marketing on average makes up the largest chunk of the B2B marketers' budget at nearly 20%.

Despite that, I know why marketers have a love/hate relationship with events: ROI on events is more ambiguous than we would like. We have only a few data points as reference when we attempt to justify event sponsorship spend. Knowing exactly how well attendees are engaging with the content—or if that's even happening at all—is difficult.

Luckily, mobile is solving this problem by opening up new data sources and a new marketing channel.

Embrace Your Audience's Mobile Obsessions

Research has shown that people look at their smartphones between 14 to 150 times a day.

So, attendees most likely will be checking their cherished devices before, during, and after an event.

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image of Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins is director of Marketing at DoubleDutch, a company that is embracing mobile and social to transform the event landscape with customized, data-driven event applications.

LinkedIn: Jennifer Hawkins

Twitter: @jenhawkn