Brands are struggling with ways to connect with users on mobile. Video ads feel intrusive on a phone, and banner ads are not all that effective. Moreover, saying witty things in 140 characters is getting harder every day. What brands need to do is engage with their mobile users in a way that resonates with users—namely with mobile games.

More than 32% of people's time on smart devices is spent playing games; on tablets, that percentage rises to 67%. However, for a long time, the only way for brands to get games on mobile was by producing native games for the Apple App Store or Google Play, and native games was creating a host of challenges for brands.

The landscape is changing, however, with mobile Web gaming becoming a viable alternative for branded mobile games.

What Exactly Is a Mobile Web Game?

A mobile Web game is a game that plays directly out of the mobile browser—just tap and play directly from a mobile Website or link within a tweet, chat, or post. Unlike native games, there is no requirement to go to an app store to download the game. That friction is removed. The games themselves are built using HTML5 and can be supported on all smartphones and tablets, regardless of operating system or device type.

And unlike native games, mobile Web games also work on desktops and even on connected TVs. Basically, they work wherever a browser exists. And because all native apps include browser support, a mobile Web game can easily be "wrapped" as a native app for the app store or exist within a native app with minimal effort.

Mobile Web games are ultra-portable and can be shared directly by the brands through their existing sites and social channels like Twitter and Facebook with just a tap of a link within Twitter or Facebook on mobile or a desktop.

The games can also be distributed to millions within the brand's target demographics through emerging mobile Web game distribution channels, including popular mobile media sites, portals, messaging apps, and storefronts. And the games themselves can be used to engage users by including achievements, leaderboards, challenge-a-friend functionality, video trailers, photos, and more.

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image of Rob Grossberg

Rob Grossberg is CEO of TreSensa, a mobile game development and distribution company.

LinkedIn: Rob Grossberg

Twitter: @RobGrossberg