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Three Google AdWords Myths That Need to Die

by Larry Kim  |  
July 17, 2014

Google's AdWords auction is in a constant state of flux. Search marketers have to keep up not only with the inherent fluidity of a live auction but with the hundreds of changes Google makes to its paid search platform each year.

At the SMX Advanced conference a few weeks ago, I shared a presentation about some of the more significant changes and how they're changing the way marketers should optimize their AdWords accounts.

Too many are stuck in their old ways and suffer the consequences of failing to adapt. If you don't understand Quality Score—Google's all-important metric that determines your ad position, cost per click, and impression share—you're going to get stuck with higher costs and overall account malaise.

Thankfully, you can nurse your campaigns back to good health with an understanding of the myths (and truths) of AdWords as it is today—not as it was three or four years ago.

Here are three myths to stop believing.

1. Lower click-through rates will save me money

This is a common refrain: "I'm paying for too many clicks!"

Some advertisers intentionally target broad keywords with low clickthrough rates (CTRs), so they can pay for fewer clicks. Because it's pay-per-click marketing, fewer clicks means lower costs, right?

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Larry Kim is the founder/CTO of WordStream Inc., provider of the AdWords Grader and 20 Minute PPC Work Week.

Google+: Larry Kim

Twitter: @larrykim

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  • by Lyndon Johnson Thu Jul 17, 2014 via web

    Thanks Larry - some interesting information here.

    Great to hear that being specific and targeted is a good strategy - it's about quality, not necessarily volume.

    Best wishes,

    Founder, THINK | DIFFERENT [LY]

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