Web users are constantly bombarded by brand images and marketing campaigns. The saturated Web has become a place for synesthesia, capturing everyone's imagination and overloading the senses. That presents a challenge for designers and marketers alike.

How do you captivate your audience and stand out in a sea of infinite content?

One of the most important components of design that can help entities get noticed, blend in, convey the right message, or get lost in translation, is color.

Understanding the way color works and using it to your advantage can help keep you afloat in a saturated deluge of information and reach the right audience.

Out of the millions of products and services vying for the attention of a single user, color applied right to a product or an entity can be a highly influential tool for marketing success.

Here's why.

1. Color helps boost brand perception

Brand recognition can lead companies to succeed just as fast as the lack of brand recognition can lead to failure. An audience has a tendency to gain a sense of attachment to a particular brand based on visual perception alone.

According to a study conducted by Loyola University Maryland, color increases brand recognition by over 80%. Selecting a specific color or a color scheme for your brand can contribute to a positive or negative reception from your audience.

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image of Jon Feagain

Jon Feagain is art director of Adhere Creative, a Houston-based inbound marketing agency.

LinkedIn: Jon Feagain