Businesses need to do more than just provide wonderful products. They also need to provide service their customers can rely on.

Apps can help you build up your company's reputation through improved customer service. Here's how.

1. Apps help you focus on your customers' needs

Customer service representatives know that delivering superior service requires a focus on your clients' needs and an understanding of how to best help those clients.

In customer service, the worst feeling is failing your client.

Rather than putting clients through busy phone lines or giving delayed responses through emails, apps such as Zendesk (which handles tickets in the app) help customer service representatives communicate with clients promptly and effectively.

2. Apps help you understand individual issues in the wider context of company goals

Customer service is as much about individual issues as it is about understanding the context of larger company goals and priorities.

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image of Liora Brener

Liora Brener is the digital marketing manager at Wrnty, a company providing order-taking and sales software

LinkedIn: Liora Brener