Consider these startling mobile marketing facts: 26% of mobile users do not use an app again, and 80-90% of apps are eventually deleted from the user's phone.

Those facts haves forced app developers and marketers to look out from their cocoon and focus on the mobile app metrics that matter the most, thereby improving customer engagement and retention. After all, marketers have put in the work regarding the mobile app's content, so they’ll want to make sure that the app's content has a long shelf life.

However, many app developers end up giving undue attention to only a few metrics within their mobile marketing strategy instead of the most important ones available. The important metrics form a base for a marketer to take informed decisions. In absence of the same, marketers aren't able to succeed with their strategies, in the long run.

Here are the most significant mobile app metrics that marketers need understand.

1. Active user

Daily active user (DAU) or monthly active users (MAU) hint at the usage pattern of your customers, and this metric should be frequently analyzed and improvised, by both smaller and bigger apps.

Users tend to disengage with an app over time, and so the app needs to resonate with the audience on the first go.

Using simplistic yet catchy language along with local integration, intelligent keyword selection, deals, and good publicity are a few ways that can boost more engagement, increasing active users. 

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image of Taru Bhargava

Taru Bhargava is a marketing manager at AppVirality, a provider of a plug-and-play growth-hacking toolkit for mobile apps.

LinkedIn: Taru Bhargava

Twitter: @tarubhargav