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The Big Deal About a Little Mobile 'Buy' Button

by Mollie Spilman  |  
September 3, 2015

Google recently debuted a new mobile feature called "Purchases on Google," which makes buying products directly from mobile search advertisements easier for consumers.

Consumers turning to Google for search on their mobile devices now see a "buy" button in select promoted results. When consumers click on the button, it takes them to a page where the product can be directly purchased.

The reason for this new feature is to reduce friction in mobile purchases without interfering in the relationship between retailers and consumers.

Why Mobile Buy Buttons Are Trending

Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to complete purchases, according to recent Criteo research.

The use of multiple devices to make a single purchase makes up 40% of all e-commerce transactions. Google is testing the feature with a dozen partners over the next few weeks, but the likelihood that this new approach to online advertising and buying will take off via mobile is high.

Myriad companies, including Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat, either have already implemented buttons of this sort across their mobile sites or plan on doing so in the near term.

The topic is so hot that Stripe, a Web payment company, hosted an entire session at Fortune's Brainstorm Tech conference recently during which the founders discussed why buy buttons across all devices including desktop, mobile phones and tablets are all over the Internet and how companies slow to catch on will seem broken by comparison.

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Mollie Spilman is chief revenue officer at Criteo, a performance marketing technology company.

Twitter: @mspilman 

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