More than 122 billion emails are sent every hour, demonstrating that email is a powerful medium that will continue to be a reliable method for companies to gain and retain customers.

With that staggering statistic in mind, marketers must master the art of engaging content when competing with a cluttered inbox.

Unfortunately, some marketers still dilute ROI by engaging in email marketing practices that are hurting business.

When refining your email marketing strategy, consider leaving these deadly practices behind.

1. Hiding Opt-Outs

Modern-day subscribers are pampered and possess very little patience. Because this is today's reality, marketers must inspect every inch of an email campaign to ensure it is clear, crisp, and easy to use.

This review process includes paying close attention to opt-out options as well.

Making opt-outs buttons visible is a vital component of email design. The disinterested individual who can't easily unsubscribe will likely delete a message as soon as it arrives anyway. Marketers should be motivated by quality over quantity to best maintain a database of active and engaged users.

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image of Neil Berman

Neil Berman is CEO of Delivera, a provider of email software, integration with in-house data, and delivery assurance. 

LinkedIn: Neil Berman