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We've all been there. We hear something that sounds somewhat believable and without thinking or researching further, we take that little story as fact. The problem with this? Typically, what we hear, read, or see is far from the truth. Like rumors flooding the middle school hallways between classes, there are many false beliefs and misconceptions regarding SMS marketing.

Let's quash them right now.

If you're skeptical about SMS marketing, this post is for you. Read on to better understand the truth about mobile messaging and what you'll miss out on if you fall victim to the rumor mill.

1. SMS marketing is too expensive

If I had a dollar for every time I heard this, I'd be rich. Well, definitely not rich, but richer, because this one comes up a lot. Let's get right to it: SMS marketing is not expensive—especially when you compare it to major ad buys and app development costs.

Many people believe SMS marketing is expensive because they're not familiar with the process. Sending an SMS message is much cheaper than most marketing channels, and it can deliver the same (if not higher) level of ROI.

Moreover, marketers who use SMS messaging identify its high-speed delivery rate (63%), high open rates compared to email (45%), and low cost compared to other channels (45%) as its primary benefits.

Depending on your program and whether you use a dedicated short code or a shared short code, your out-of-pocket costs are nominal compared to the level of engagement you'll gain from directly messaging your opted-in, loyal subscribers. I'm talking fractions of a penny per message sent.

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Krissy DeAngelis is marketing manager for Waterfall, a mobile messaging and CRM platform that helps companies engage their customers on their phones.

LinkedIn: Krissy DeAngelis