We marketers are sure living in "interesting times," as the old Chinese curse goes. Your marketing department can be successful and still be perceived by the rest of the organization as an absolute failure.

This critical disconnect is due to one simple deficiency: visibility. A unified view of how to measure marketing success is something widely disagreed upon but highly desired. However, with the right mindset and processes, it doesn't have to be that way.

What's Marketing up to?

Keeping your counterparts and teammates in the loop of what Marketing is up to is of the utmost importance. That's why calendar views are so important, why you see such emphasis on editorial and campaign calendars. (Everyone loves a good calendar.)

Get used to people wanting to know what is going on with Marketing. It's always one of the first budgets to be cut. Sure, you're doing more than ever, but the impact is often less clearly defined than other roles. Marketing is attributive, not a straight line.

What most organizations want is Sales reaching out to people directly, but that process has changed quite a bit with the growth of digital channels.

Marketing is finally starting to get that legitimized view, considering all the technology and money people are spending on it. But, organizations still aren't clearly defining success and are trapped in a one-dimensional view of what successful marketing looks like. They are trying to reinforce opportunity creation. Which I think is a logical area where Marketing comes into play.

The problem is that there is still a disconnect between Marketing and Sales. Marketing wants people to know that it generates the lead, but Sales wants the credit because it spent six months talking to the lead to get him to the close.

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