I recently wrote about the growing divide between the "math men" (the quants who use marketing automation and tech to deliver measurable results) and the creatives (the designers and writers who regularly produce the content on which marketing campaigns are based).

As each group grows increasingly sophisticated, both grow worse at communicating with each other.

That poor communication breeds frustration and resentment as each party leaves a project unsatisfied with the other's work.

Visually, the visual content marketing company where I work, recently released a comprehensive survey that details the growing tension between marketers and creatives. The survey of 789 content marketers and creative professionals identified several pain points that both parties encounter when dealing with each other.

The data shows that more than 60% of content marketers and creatives say the key issues that hinder optimal collaboration include...

  • Poor communication
  • A lack of timely and consistent feedback
  • Ill-defined and executed creative briefs
  • A shortage of creative team staffing

The word most frequently used by both marketers and creatives to describe their relationship was "frustrating."

But it doesn't have to be this way. Though our survey highlighted the tensions between some marketers and creatives, it also found that 37% of marketers are either extremely satisfied or very satisfied with their creative teams.

So what separates the 37% from the 63%? Those satisfied marketers do the following...

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Matt Cooper is CEO of Visual.ly, a content creation platform that enables businesses to engage audiences through premium visual content created by vetted freelance creative professionals.

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