My fellow marketers, we have a problem.

Actually, we have three fairly serious problems:

1. We spend barely a third of our work time (36%) on actually doing marketing.

2. Some 89% of us are logging into work on our own time.

3. Email is drowning us, but we desperately need it to communicate with our teams.

Most of those stats are probably not news to you. Those stats may be just a reflection of your daily professional life. But do we just have to accept those conditions?

Are marketers doomed to flounder endlessly under a crushing amount of work? Is our email going to run our lives until we retire? Will we just never manage to get along with other teams?

Should we just give in to the fact that 64% of our time is spent on things that aren't marketing?

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image of Andrea Fryrear

An early convert to Agile, Andrea Fryrear loves seeing a team evolve from chaos to high performance. She shares her findings (and failures) on stages around the world. And, her most recent book, Death of a Marketer, chronicles marketing's past while charting a course to a more agile future.