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Hot Trends in Marketing Automation You Need to Know

by Kevin Akeroyd  |  
July 13, 2016

Marketing automation used to be simple. Send an email with an offer. Track which prospects clicked on the link and filled out the form on the landing page. Pass the right leads along to the sales team.

Now that many marketers are asked to drive the customer experience, they are taking a more sophisticated approach to their campaigns.

Well, not all of them.

Some 85% of B2B marketers using marketing automation platforms feel that they're not harnessing their full potential, according to SiriusDecisions.

Understanding and adopting the latest trends in marketing automation can help sophisticated marketers and the underachievers meet their business goals.

1. Dynamic Campaign Management

Modern marketing is organized around campaigns, and marketing automation manages those campaigns, such as welcome campaigns, nurture campaigns, event reminders, and onboarding campaigns. Sometimes, they are simple and follow a linear course of action.

But marketers are both artists and scientists, and sometimes they build out complex logic to handle multiple variations of results. When that happens, they can design campaigns that have the ability to adapt and respond to real customer activities, not some limited and prescribed customer journey.

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Kevin Akeroyd is general manager and senior vice-president of Oracle Marketing Cloud.

LinkedIn: Kevin Akeroyd

Twitter: @akeroyd

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  • by Peter Altschuler Wed Jul 13, 2016 via web

    If everything old is new again, this is the perfect example.

    B2B marketers have spent decades developing recipient-specific campaigns that address the needs and interests of all the people in the buying cycle -- the initiator, researcher, short lister, evaluators, influencers, decision maker, and check signer. The IT people have different concerns than the end user, and those share little with the questions the finance folks and maintenance people have.

    Creating a series of communications (in whatever form) that attracts, nurtures, and qualifies prospects has been standard practice for decades. Only the speed has changed thanks to automation.

    As for Account Based Marketing, it's new nomenclature for Key Accounts programs. I can't think of a single B2B vendor I've worked with that hasn't identified and pursued potential customers whose business they especially want.

    Those programs have almost always had the virtue of coordinating the efforts of Marketing and Sales (which, today, is considered a new phenomenon referred to as alignment). Marketing had the task of identifying the major decision makers, developing materials to gain their attention and interest, handling initial inquiries and, when those leads met Sales' criteria as sales-ready, sending them to Sales as qualified prospects.

    Sales, then, determined the scope of the problem, the obstacles to be overcome, and the solutions that fit. In the process, they might rely on additional materials (that Marketing probably prepared) to provide details, demonstrate capabilities, or offer reassurance about the appropriateness of the product or service being considered.

    Myopia may be an optician's favorite condition, but it's not a good quality for marketers. When a marketer's sense of history extends no further back than the date of their first job in the business, they risk missing solutions that were discovered long ago in a galaxy not at all far away.

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