Google's open-source, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project has been adopted quickly by publishers across the world, including The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and The Guardian.

Assuming the AMP project will expand its reach beyond news outlets, what is the potential impact of AMPs on the purchase funnel?

For publishers, some benefits of AMPs are attractive and have led to accelerated adoption of this new format.

Benefits include...

  • Articles' loading quickly
  • Ads' being supported
  • The availability of analytic data

However, there are problems with AMPs that should be considered before small and midsize businesses (SMBs) invest in this new format:

  • No interstitial ads and site takeovers
  • Attempts at gated content resulting in a poor mobile experience
  • Declines in sales and subscriptions
  • The potential for declines in website traffic

Given the projected growth of content marketing and the prevalence of purchase funnels, the aforementioned reasons should make any publisher look askance at the current state of the AMP project.

Early Adopter of AMPs

Let's look at an example of gated content from WSJ.

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