We all possess a finite amount of daily energy. How it's harnessed directly determines the quality and overall quantity of our achievements. So, when using sales reps for lead prospecting, a lot of organizations are really setting themselves back.

Sales reps are paid to do one thing and do it well—close new business. Anything else is a waste of their time, energy, and company resources.

Sales reps are not paid a premium to send emails, leave voicemails, try to get buyers back on the phone, or hack switchboard numbers.

Unfortunately, the average sales rep leads a distracted, inefficient daily career:

  • 12.73: The number of calls to connect when calling prospects with direct phone numbers
  • 22.5: The number of dials required to land a meaningful conversation. That number rises to 30 in "highly solicited divisions." All that happens even before one conversation.
  • 3:1: The ratio of meaningful conversations to one appointment
  • All that takes 60-90 dials to get an appointment with a prospect.

Spending hours of the day on the tedium of reports, planning, and organization can make anyone feel unproductive. How would you feel if a significant portion of your time was being taken up by other responsibilities outside of your purview?

A low-cost, overseas teleprospecting company can do all that.

Someone who can speak intelligently and persuasively with high-level executives should not be out digging dirt. Moreover, when firing on all cylinders, sales reps are worth their weight in gold because they're bringing home the bullion.Yet, on average, sales reps spend only 22% of their time selling.

And what's more, 23% of total time was being spent on administrative tasks, according to Pace Productivity. Yes, each lead must be managed, organized, and developed. That's a full-time job on its own.

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Robin Nichol is content marketing team leader at IKO System, an outbound prospecting and email engagement platform for B2B sales and marketing professionals.

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