I've learned a lot from working at different companies in different stages of growth. Although I've mostly worked in startups or companies where the marketing was similar to a startup (in that there wasn't much in place), I often looked to larger companies' marketing for inspiration. That sometimes led to frustration on my part since the company just wasn't at the same place, with the same resources, to implement the same type of strategy.

So, I recently asked two marketers with experience working for companies of different sizes to share what startups could learn from larger companies that might help their content marketing go smoother. Their answers gave me insight and a broader perspective of the types of content marketing strategy that I might be able to implement.

1. Processes can help curb frustration

Although working in content marketing at startups has its advantages in terms of creative license (especially where the marketing team is small), not having an integrated strategy aligned with product and sales can be frustrating.

Yael Kochman, now at Teradata Marketing Applications, worked as head of marketing at Roojoom as well as other previous startups. She found that one solution to avoiding this unnecessary tension would have been to create processes.

"In startups, usually the teams are smaller, and time to market is shorter. Therefore, it may not seem that there's much need to create workflows and processes," states Kochman. "In the corporate world, you simply can't get by without them. Looking backwards at my time at Roojoom, as well as other startups I worked with, I know that having clear processes could have helped me improve performance across the board and avoid unnecessary tension."

2. A more sophisticated content marketing strategy keeps you competitive in your industry's space

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Tamar Weiss increases awareness and growth for B2B companies through customer-focused content. She is a consultant at a range of startups and large international companies. Previously, she was the content marketing specialist at retention-automation company Optimove and at Insightera, a Marketo company.

LinkedIn: Tamar Weiss