As CMO of a fast-paced technology company with a half billion in revenue that is growing very quickly, I have plenty of things keeping me up at night.

Three crucial pieces of the marketing puzzle seem to always be on my mind as I look for ways to stay ahead of the curve.

1. How do I keep making and redefining the market?

I do not believe in trying to defend and expand a market position or sharing an established market.

I strongly believe that to keep growth rates high and achieve a position that is unreachable by competitors, a company needs to create a new market, one in which it is perceived as the pioneer and leader.

By establishing that new market, companies define new perspectives from which customers suddenly start to look at their problems. The challenge is to not rest on early success but to keep making the market and redefining it—like an ongoing metamorphosis—without leaving customers and channel partners behind.

Recently, my company Veeam was riding the wave of success with the new market we had created when the company was first founded. At that time, it was all about expansion and facilitating the growth by putting resources in place. Now, that is becoming more difficult because the speed of innovation is increasing, and new solutions and approaches are creating their own new markets quicker than ever. Staying ahead of and above this tsunami has become a challenge.

So, we focus on reinventing ourselves and continuously changing and innovating for our customers at full steam, seeking early adopters in our customer base, promoting them, driving massive awareness for our new approaches, and educating customers to take a different look at their problems and possible new solutions.

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image of Peter Ruchatz

Peter Ruchatz is CMO of Veeam, a provider of solutions that deliver availability for the always-on enterprise.

LinkedIn: Peter Ruchatz 

Twitter: @peterruchatz