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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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1. Using Product Management to Bring a Strategic View to Data and AI Ops

2. Quality Over Quantity in Lead- and Conversion-Scoring

3. Get Local to Create First-Class CX and Drive Global Revenue sponsored webinar

4. The 10 Brands People Feel Most Intimately Connected to in 2022

5. How B2B Marketers Are Using Data to Drive Demand sponsored guide

6. Catch These Fan-Favorites—Live in Boston! MarketingProfs B2B Forum

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Using Product Management to Bring a Strategic View to Data and AI Ops
Using Product Management to Bring a Strategic View to Data and AI Ops
Real-world AI looks very different from sci-fi TV's beeping robots most of us watched while growing up. Today's AI cannot fulfill its potential if it's relegated to its usual incarnation—expensive prototypes or initiatives. AI in the enterprise functions best as an integral part of a product management system. »
Discover the Fundamentals of Personalization and CX Management
What does personalization in marketing actually mean, and how can you incorporate it into your strategy? In Iterable's new e-book Personalization for Dummies, you'll learn how to deliver great customer experiences using all kinds of customer data, regardless of data structure. Download the e-book now. »
Quality Over Quantity in Lead- and Conversion-Scoring
Quality Over Quantity in Lead- and Conversion-Scoring
The best way to establish a lead-scoring system is to follow what makes marketing so effective: knowing your core audience and setting goals. Check out this article for more on lead-scoring. »
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Get Local to Create First-Class CX and Drive Global Revenue
To create first-class customer experiences that drive revenue, you have to convey to audiences—in their local language—that you can meet their wants and needs. Learn how to localize your content so it engages and converts international customers at scale. »
The 10 Brands People Feel Most Intimately Connected to in 2022
The 10 Brands People Feel Most Intimately Connected to in 2022
Disney, Tesla, and Apple are the major brands people feel most intimately connected to, according to recent research. Check out the study findings. »
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How B2B Marketers Are Using Data to Drive Demand
Nearly half of marketers say they believe applying a data-backed strategy improves the quality of leads, according to this new survey. However, only 20% of those surveyed say they can put their data to use to create a best-in-class demand gen strategy. So how can marketers transform somewhat-successful demand gen into strategy gold? Download this guide to learn more. »
Catch These Fan-Favorites—Live in Boston!
MarketingProfs B2B Forum
Back on the B2B Forum stage this fall are fan-favorites with fresh ideas: Nany Harut, Christopher S. Penn, and Ann Handley, just to name a few! They'll give you what you need to succeed in B2B marketing in 2022 (and beyond). You won't want to miss it.
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Profs Picks
You're no dummy, but you definitely want to check out Personalization for Dummies, Iterable's new easy-breezy e-book on using a personal touch in your marketing. Iterable helps brands unlock growth in the digital era by helping them deliver joyful customer experiences with communications that are a) harmonized, making every interaction a cross-channel experience and bringing together service and promotional experience; b) individualized, using data and AI to craft one-on-one communications at mass scale; and c) dynamic, transforming point-in-time campaigns to always-on adaptive journeys that scale in real-time. It's time to joy-ify your customer experience, and Iterable can help.
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MarketingProfs community goings-on
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