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  • An all-access pass to every MarketingProfs course and learning path.
  • Updates and new courses added year-round.
  • Complete understanding. Our framework delivers no more (and no less!) than what you need to know.
  • Practical skills. Our lessons give you step-by-step instruction, complete with a practice run at the end.
  • What you need, when you need it. Our courses and learning paths work as a series. Or they stand alone. You pick.
  • Learning your way. If you learn best by listening, reading, viewing, or doing... we've got you covered.
  • An amazing library of supplemental resources.
  • Newsletter and alerts to keep you on top of what's new in marketing.
  • Discounts on our conferences, the life-changing MarketingProfs B2B Forum
  • FREE Marketing Writing Bootcamp and Storytelling Summit.
  • Concierge-style support. That means quick answers to your questions from a real human who cares about you.
  • The undying love and commitment of the MarketingProfs staff. No joke: We are cheering for you!


The best Marketing is a collaborative team sport. You're all on the same team... now let's get everyone on the same page, too.

Why? Because you'll get better results from your marketing campaigns. You'll reach higher levels of productivity. And you'll have happier colleagues who love their jobs more when your marketing team understands how to work together.

Upgrade your marketing team's skills and get them all on the same level with an all-access pass to our marketing training program, MarketingProfs PRO. Here's why:

  • Teams that use PRO together grow revenue and beat the competition... because their campaigns are more effective, and their people understand how to work best together.
  • Teams that work well together are going to be happier and more productive too.
  • Star players stick around. Managers who invest in the career development of their teams send the signal that they care. Star players stay. Win/win.
  • PRO Team subscriptions are cost-effective. There's no travel involved. Training materials are available on-demand so every team member has access to everything all the time. And you can start seeing the results right away!


Learner Dashboard

The Learner Dashboard keeps all your training content in one convenient place, making it easy to continue your learning.

Courses are packed full of downloadable learning materials (worksheets, templates, transcripts, slides, and more).

Practice Run

Each course concludes with a Practice Run to ensure you can take what you've learned and put it into action in a real-world scenario.

MarketingProfs Campaign Framework

All training courses are based around the 6 elements that make up the MarketingProfs Campaign Framework.

Katie Allen
I truly believe my PRO subscription is one of the best investments I make every year for learning new tips, tools, and techniques.
—Katie Allen, Social Media Manager, Ham Radio Outlet


  • You're ready to move into a new job with bigger challenges, more responsibility (and creative license), a better title, and a heftier paycheck. But first you need to give your skillset a bump.
  • You're stressed out in your current marketing role. You feel scattered, and you worry someone will discover you're an imposter. You're ready to take a fresh look at your fundamental skills, give them an upgrade, and start feeling more in control.
  • You're the Chief Marketing Officer, but you feel like you're herding cats all the time. You're ready for your marketers to pull together as a team, implement efficient processes, and produce measurable results.
  • You were just assigned new duties. Yay! You're excited, but you need to quickly learn the skills it will take to pull this off.
  • You're a small business owner. Marketing your company is 100% your responsibility. You weren't formally educated in marketing, but you're a quick study. You're looking for the shortest path to learning specifically what you need to know.


You see the value in training. Now it's time to convince your boss a PRO subscription is a smart investment. Luckily, you're a marketer! So, this is not a problem.

Focus on what they'll get out of this training. This isn't about you. It's about the results these new skills will bring to your company. Think return on investment. You'll be more efficient. You'll lead your team more effectively. You'll beat the competition. You'll bring in more revenue. Hit 'em in the bottom line, and you'll have their attention.

Get specific. Discuss individual courses, and illustrate how they'll help you deliver better on company objectives.

Finally, anticipate and prepare for objections.

  • “It costs too much.” Explain how much it will cost NOT to have these skills. Your competition will have an edge. You'll miss opportunities.
  • “There are free resources.” It takes time to dig through the mountains of poor information to find the gold. Why waste that time, if you don't have to?
  • “Training takes time away from work.” Which is why on-demand resources are such a great fit. You can upgrade your skills anytime, anywhere.

Master the 6 elements of campaign marketing, and become a hero in your organization.


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Learn specific skills to support the exact campaign—or strategy or management project—you're working on. Easy-to-digest and immensely practical. Our library of courses is always growing.

These course bundles give you a broader, 360-degree view of a subject. Start-to-finish steps tailored to a specific campaign or project. We're adding to this collection all the time.


  • All-access pass to courses
  • Immediate access to updates and new courses
  • Includes Marketing Writing Bootcamp and Storytelling Summit 
  • Discounts on live in-person events

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  • Everything in the individual account, plus...
  • Discounted rates for groups of 3+
  • Greater payment flexibility
  • Easy admin access to adjust your teams as needed

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  • Assessment tool for uncovering skills gaps in your team
  • Branded, personalized learning portal
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Regular progress checks and strategy sessions