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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

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1. Brands as the Center of Data Solutions? It's Already Happening

2. Never Stop 'Dating' Your Customer: Three Ways to Nurture Relationships

3. Measure and Communicate Marketing Value in a Cookieless World sponsored guide

4. How Different Business Teams Distribute Video Content

5. How to Promote an Event People Can't Wait to Sign Up For sponsored webinar

6. The Best Way to Level-Up Your B2B Marketing MarketingProfs B2B Forum

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Brands as the Center of Data Solutions? It's Already Happening
Brands as the Center of Data Solutions? It's Already Happening
What can B2B marketers learn from a retail brand? A lot more than just B2C tactics, if the brand sets up its own data solution. And that's happening more and more. »
Why You Need Multivariate Ad Creative Testing
Marketers love to think they have an eye for ad creative, but how often are they wrong? Our study of 750+ marketing professionals points to a critical need for ad testing and creative intelligence. »
Never Stop 'Dating' Your Customer: Three Ways to Nurture Relationships
Never Stop 'Dating' Your Customer: Three Ways to Nurture Relationships
Dating horror stories... we all have them. But happens when dating goes well? It looks a lot like a long-term relationship between a company and its repeat customers. »
sponsored guide
Measure and Communicate Marketing Value in a Cookieless World
Too many marketers measure the wrong variables and therefore undervalue the work they're doing. A first-party measurement strategy can get to the heart of marketing's impact using outcome-oriented measures such as conversions, leads, sales, and ROI. This guide will help you eliminate the noise and get the accurate, trustworthy insights your stakeholders want. »
How Different Business Teams Distribute Video Content
How Different Business Teams Distribute Video Content
Marketers say they distribute video content most often on social media, whereas salespeople and customer experience professionals say they distribute it most often to prospects and customers, according to recent research. Check out the study findings. »
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How to Promote an Event People Can't Wait to Sign Up For
You've been planning the perfect event for months. Then comes the tricky part: cutting through all the other noise to reach the people you want to sign up and attend! How do you build the promotional excitement that makes your event "unmissable?" Join us for this webinar to find out. »
The Best Way to Level-Up Your B2B Marketing
MarketingProfs B2B Forum
Join us in person this October in Boston for three days of workshops, sessions, keynotes, roundtables, and creative networking.
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Profs Picks
In sci-fi movies, advertisers put subliminal messages into their ad creative that somehow brainwash viewers into buying things. In reality, we rely on creative instincts, which usually works. Or does it? To find out, Marpipe put five sets of two ads in front of 750+ marketing professionals—from creatives to performance marketers to CMOs—and asked them to guess which of the two was the higher performer. It turns out that predicting ad performance is not marketers' strong suit: Most can predict winning digital ad creative only 52% of the time, the study found. It also found that the inability to predict ad creative performance is universal across marketing roles. Think you can do better? The original quiz is embedded within Marpipe's report so you can see what survey respondents were up against and test your own creative intuition. Read the full report to find out why advanced multivariate testing is a lot more reliable than creative instinct—until we invent those subliminal messages, that is.
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