Making the Case for Marketing: How to Measure and Communicate Value in a Cookieless World

Third-party cookies are dying.

And honestly? Good riddance.

There is a better way. With a first-party measurement strategy, you can get to the heart of marketing's impact using outcome-oriented measures like conversions, leads, sales and, ultimately, ROI.

It's the kind of reporting your stakeholders want. And once media platforms can no longer accurately report on conversions, it's the only kind of reporting you'll be able to deliver.

Check out this guide to learn:

  • How to better define the value marketing is delivering to the organization
  • How third-party cookies have failed us as a measurement strategy
  • What you need to adapt your measurement strategy to prove ROI and optimize strategy
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  • Release Date: April 11, 2022
  • Sponsor: ChannelMix
  • Topic: Metrics & Measurement
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With an end-to-end platform and comprehensive suite of analytics products, ChannelMix provides leading brands and agencies with a clear path to measure and grow marketing ROI. ChannelMix is pioneering future-ready marketing measurement with first-party analytics tracking and attribution models that deliver insights that are more accurate, sustainable and impactful to the business.