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Tuesday, June 08, 2021

📋 Table of Contents

1. How to Maximize the ROI of Hybrid Events in 2021

2. The Behaviors of 'Buyer-First' Salespeople

3. Trends Shaping Customer Experience in 2021 sponsored webinar

4. A Six-Step Guide to Conducting a Brand Audit

5. Your Event Strategy: Maximize Engagement and Get Your Brand Voice Heard MarketingProfs event

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How to Maximize the ROI of Hybrid Events in 2021
How to Maximize the ROI of Hybrid Events in 2021
Until in-person events return in full force, hybrid is the name of the game. If you're attending or planning a hybrid event this year, maximize engagement and ROI by using these five strategies. »
How to Avoid Digital File Sprawl (And Shared-Drive Misery)
How to Avoid Digital File Sprawl (And Shared-Drive Misery)
Marketers waste nearly 7 hours per week duplicating work! Easily and quickly finding the right creative file you need is critical to your productivity. Now imagine accessing the right files instantly—where and when you need them, without digging through shared drives. You can. See how. »
The Behaviors of 'Buyer-First' Salespeople
The Behaviors of 'Buyer-First' Salespeople
What does it mean to be a 'buyer first' salesperson? To find out, LinkedIn Sales Solutions surveyed more than 400 buyers and 400 sellers in the United States and Canada. Check out findings from this survey. »
sponsored webinar
Trends Shaping Customer Experience in 2021
What will good customer experience (CX) look like for the rest of 2021 and beyond as your company and your customers re-emerge from the pandemic? Get a clear understanding of your customers' new habits and preferences, and get predictions about CX of the future. Sign up now for this free webinar. »
A Six-Step Guide to Conducting a Brand Audit
A Six-Step Guide to Conducting a Brand Audit
A brand audit is an in-depth examination of your brand to identify what you’re doing well, spot areas for improvement, and assess your position in the market compared with your competitors. So, how exactly do you conduct one? Check out the infographic. »
MarketingProfs event
Your Event Strategy: Maximize Engagement and Get Your Brand Voice Heard
Many of us are trying to figure out how events can factor into our marketing strategy, both this year and next: What's the best approach to events now? How did audiences change during the pandemic? How can you drive engagement? Let's figure it all out. Register for this free 3-session event now. »
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