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What were your New Year's resolutions this year?

OK, it's October. So they're a bit hazy. You haven't thought about them since February, much less your number-one resolution for next year.

But it's here: send only permission emails. Drill this one in. The test is in 60 days, and every wrong answer could cost you $1,000 or more.

But I'm Not a Spammer!

In case you haven't heard, California's new spam law prohibits the sending of unsolicited email advertisements starting January 1, 2004. While the law is aimed at spammers, its wake is rippling toward every legitimate email marketer.

Why? Because the bill takes an “opt-in” approach, similar to what the European Union has adopted. It makes it illegal for you to market to someone who a) you do NOT have a existing transactional relationship with, or b) who has NOT given you direct consent to contact.

It applies to any email address used by a resident of (or accessed from) California.

How many people does this include on your list? You're not sure? Gulp.

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Brian Klais is founder and CEO at Pure Oxygen Labs, a performance-based mobile consulting and technology firm.