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In the age-old quality-versus-cost race, quality—slow and sure—sets the pace. Cost bursts ahead regularly with discounts, exclusive offers and promises to save time. Sometimes it's difficult to tell who will win.

Take a quality contender, the library, for example. At the library, people can use highly effective public databases and other resources not found on the Internet to gather information. But people want everything NOW and forget about these substantial offerings. They regularly turn to cheaper or less time-consuming alternatives with no quality in sight.

Even if quality happens to beat cost across the finish line, people often do not invest the time needed for the best results from a complex product or solution.

SWOT Team, we seek your valuable advice for this issue's dilemma. How do you pitch quality over products that smell like a rush job and look and act cheap? How do you promote the best use of quality when a cost-driven solution takes less time?

Thanks, also, for your valuable advice on working together in a decentralized world. Read below to see your peers' best advice about how to improve communication between offices in different locations.

If you don't want to race, or are communicating fine “as is,” write to us and ask our SWOT Team about your own dilemma. Tapping into our collective experience, strength and hope really works. You could win a copy of our book, A Marketer's Guide to e-Newsletter Publishing.

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