Everywhere you look, there are more and more SaaS startups popping up. With easy scalability and high growth rates, it's a business model that works—but your business still has to be marketed well.

Whether you're in HR, music, entertainment, or accountancy, you want to reach more of your target market, engage people effectively, and control churn rates. Here are five ways you can market your subscription business more effectively.

1. Give away a lot for free... but not everything

Giving away something (such as a free trial) is the top subscription marketing tactic.


It's easy to implement, and, if your product is good, it's guaranteed to work. Your goal is to get people so hooked on your tool or product that they can't picture their life without it.

Here are three tips for offering freebies:

Don't be too generous. Keep something back for paying customers. Whether your trial comes with a usage cap or some restricted features, don't give it all away for free.

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Stefan Pretty is the founder of Subbly, an e-commerce platform for your subscription box business. He loves to share wisdom on bootstrapping and growing a subscription business with other business owners.

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