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How Packaging Your Offering Enhances Your Brand

by Anthony Cirillo  |  
December 16, 2008

Recently, American Airlines announced that it was going completely à la carte with its service offerings. Want a blanket? Pay X. Want to be put on standby? Pay Y. It is an attempt to wring out every last penny from all revenue sources in a somewhat desperate time.

Southwest, however, continues its one-price-and-done approach—and remains the most profitable airline.

As for brand reputation, there is little guessing as to which airline dominates.

Offer an Experience

Southwest is making money. It has done the math. Along with lower costs because of its fuel hedge purchasing strategy, it also knows how much it costs to deliver a passenger from point A to point B, including all the amenities and services. But because Southwest packages it all, the hassle is reduced. No need to worry about correct change or having your credit card.

Hassle-reduction reduces stress and creates a better experience, adding to the airline's aura.

You offer an experience by...

  • Understanding clearly your prospects' interests
  • Packaging a specific offering tailored to their needs
  • Simplifying the prospect's life, giving choice and even delighting them

Packaging Starts with Data

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Anthony Cirillo is president of Fast Forward Strategic Marketing Consulting, LLC ( in Huntersville, NC. Reach him via

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  • by Shekar Prabhakar Thu Dec 18, 2008 via web

    The ability to package offerings as a total solution is especially key in services as you state. I agree with you that in spite of it being so obvious, many of us marketers do not give enough attention to a prospect's need of having a simple, hassle-free experience.

  • by Anthony Cirillo Thu Dec 18, 2008 via web

    Thanks Shekar. Marketers tend to be so caught up in the day to day that sometimes we forget who are real customer is and what they need. This is especially true in healthcare.

  • by BOB DAVIS Fri Dec 19, 2008 via web

    CONTRAST S.WEST with Delta.
    10 years or so ago, a new Delta hiree, excitedly told me how Delta was cutting fares. I asked "what if they just increased their level of service"?
    At the time, I hated having Delta as my ONLY airline choice out of ROANOKE ,Va. Delta still has a black mark with me, even though , they finally are getting it.
    Exceeding clients expectations is not all that hard to do today, but few understand that, those who do, will do even better

  • by Anthony Cirillo Fri Dec 19, 2008 via web

    Bob - great thoughts. I have the same angst here in Charlotte with a certain air carrier but have little choice as this is their hub!

  • by Jodie Taggett Fri Dec 19, 2008 via web

    Especially in healthcare environments, understanding the patient experience with a 360 view - is critical to delivering more effective and efficient care. PatientImpact offers REALTIME information on potentially every patient that visits a hospital, clinic, physician practice, outpatient facility or urgent care center. Without this kind of timely and enhanced view of the patient experience, the healthcare provider is often at a loss in how to address challenges and improve services as well as train and coach staff and build revenue.

  • by Kelly Pocan Wed May 27, 2009 via web

    You're absolutely right about creating a positive experience for the consumer, no matter the product or service being offered. I always advise my clients to "get back to the basics" with their marketing and to take care of their customers needs. Southwest is a great example of how to do it right! I only fly SWA because I know what I'm paying and what I'm getting in return. I don't care about the fluff; I just want to get to my destination so I can get on with my day.

  • by Anthony Cirillo Wed May 27, 2009 via web

    Hi Kelly. Thanks for the comments. Back to the basics - such great advice when everyone wants to have smoke and mirrors and get caught up in all the technology. Only wish we had SW in Charlotte!

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