Although content marketing is a widespread practice across industries and company sizes, B2B marketers recognize the need to improve the effectiveness of their efforts, according to new MarketingProfs research of B2B marketers.

Likely because of that shortcoming, B2B marketers also have confidence in future return on investment (ROI) from their content-marketing efforts.

Our analysis of the survey data reveals a dozen recommendations about how to create relevant content and how to use content for greater sales impact.

How to Create Relevant Content

1. Identify fertile sources of content throughout your organization

Step out of the Marketing silo to search for experts with a voice and insight. Often, Product Development and Product Management are two good places to look for people who can offer thought leadership and have a point of view and an engaging personality.

2. Listen for the "pain points" and interests of your prospects and customers

The content you create must be relevant to the needs of your target audience. That means it must be about them, not about you. This idea can be difficult to remember when we are focused on boosting demand for our products and services; however, buyers usually have many, often indistinguishable, choices and will choose to do business with the company that they think understands their needs best.

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